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Meet Audrey Clark

Leadership & Business Coach

As a Holistic Leadership and Business Coach, Audrey Clark helps purpose driven entrepreneurs start, build and scale their business without burning out. Audrey’s clients learn how to move through being overwhelmed, define their priorities by understanding their own story and how it is helping them build their business. She helps them bring out their true potential. Equipping leaders with new habits, skills, strategies and confidence, these entrepreneurs actualize their vision and dreams.

My clients can expect accountability, growth and a custom step-by-step game plan for success. I believe every professional must develop their internal compass and will uncover their own legacy. Holistic business coaching goes beyond helping the business and helps the whole person.

It’s time to up-level your leadership in your holistic business and move your business from dream to the next – level. You will discover the mindset and business skills that are needed for you to authentically show up in a bigger and bolder way. This will allow you the freedom to do what you are here to do in this world.

Audrey is a trained International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach, John Maxwell Group Certified and Certified Holistic Business School Coach. She has been both a professional clinician and business manager/owner and now is the founder of Audrey Clark Co.  Audrey guides entrepreneurs to up level their mindset and helps them go from their dreams to creating the outer results they want. Her real-life experience and knowledge help leaders move their company forward, help them create unstoppable teams and get results beyond what they ever envisioned. Through working with her, they find her a grounded expert to help them ask themselves the hard questions while gaining the skills they need. They are supported by her calm intuitive energy as they move into their profitable holistic dream business. As a professional, Audrey is committed to her own journey of personal development and remains a student in the study of human behavior.

Benefits Of Holistic

Business Consulting & Coaching

Without clarity of purpose and mission, your business is likely to experience lots of stops and starts. In these trainings you will identify your strengths, pinpoint what is holding you back and create a crystal-clear business plan for you to move forward. You will create a well-defined road map to follow and always know what the next step for you in your business and how you are going to do it. With the essentials you need, you will move past struggle into success.

If you want to become a visionary CEO, you must think and act like one. These trainings are designed to guide you on how to step out of the doing mindset so you can lead your business as a successful entrepreneur. You will have a pathway from running the organization to leading a business. Leveraging your strengths and you business skills and grow a business with more profit, less stress and overwhelm and find time for yourself.

It’s time to ascend into your role as a leader. These trainings will equip you with business skills, habits and mindsets that will catapult your leadership and create an unstoppable business. It takes courage to grow and change. It’s a myth you simply arrive at success overnight but it’s something we all want to believe. Failure doesn’t stop us but moves us closer to success. Get ready to become the fierce empowered leader in your business and your life. You will move past the blocks that keep you playing small, lacking belief in yourself and waiting for the perfect time to build the life and business you desire.


Our Client's Experiences

  • Execllent!!

“Audrey is amazing to work with! I took her Leadershift Mastermind class and learned so much about leadership and

Emily P. Research

  • Wonderful Experience!

“Audrey is one bright light in our world! She takes the power of leadership to the next level by

Catlin W. Manager

  • Execllent!!

“Relationships can make or break a business, a community and even a life. Healthy relationships make both parties better!

Sabrina W. Co- Of Officer