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Building A Team

April 29, 2023 Audery Clark Comments Off

Many small business owners are very protective of their vision
because they know exactly where they want to take their
business. Sooner or later, though, most entrepreneurs recognize
that they need help to grow.


If you’re ready to start growing your work team, this book will
give you the skills to find an incredible team and the
knowledge to create a productive work environment.

You may be the type of person who does everything for
themselves. That’s a good plan if you have a very small business
that depends solely on your own efforts. However, if you want to
significantly expand your business, you’ll eventually need help.
For most businesses, great success arises from having an
incredible team of workers.

Have you ever heard of “superhero syndrome”? Superhero
syndrome means that you feel that you’re the only one who can
do things well – and you should be the one doing everything.