Audrey Clark business consulting services are designs to bring more harmony in your life, redefine your focus, and create more profit in your business. Discover current techniques to support you in developing your business, even when unexpected shifts occur while powerfully showing up in your business as you, a more effective, efficient, and collaborative professional.

Mastermind Style Coaching

You will finally have a partner. You will be part of a bi-monthly mastermind coaching session with other members facing the same challenges.

Membership Portal

Get access to an exclusive private membership community. with training videos, audios and worksheets and templates. This is 100% online so you can work on your own timeframe.

One to One

Together we create step by step strategy for working through the program and achieving your goals with one to one personalized sessions.

Virtual Co-working

Virtual Co-working is a focused supportive environment for exploring what’s possible, create strategies, and convert conversations into action and the results you want.

Comprehensive Trainings

Weekly deep-dive trainings to drive business growth, support entrepreneur leadership, and take leaps in your business with guidance.

No-Fail Growth

There is weekly accountably and support to ensure you stay paced for success. You mayalso be paired up with an accountability partner to maximize your results

You are an Entrepeneur

Now become the highly effective CEO

Why work with a holistic business coach?

If you have any of the following, working with a business coach should be your next step.

Facing a specific challenge or change you want to move through in less time.

Desiring to work or perform more effectively or successfully.

Want to achieve a goal that you have been struggling with on your own.

Realigning or running a business and you need a confidential guild to help you focus on priorities.

Anyone who is committed to a business transformation but needs a guide on how to.


Our Client's Experiences

  • Execllent!!

“Audrey is amazing to work with! I took her Leadershift Mastermind class and learned so much about leadership and

Emily P. Research

  • Wonderful Experience!

“Audrey is one bright light in our world! She takes the power of leadership to the next level by

Catlin W. Manager

  • Execllent!!

“Relationships can make or break a business, a community and even a life. Healthy relationships make both parties better!

Sabrina W. Co- Of Officer